High-CBD Oil Testimonials: Humans

Name: Jakki Jordan
Place: Santa Fe, NM
Quote: “My lights went on!”

For years, Jakki was a happy, energetic, self-directed person. She and her husband own a successful shop in Santa Fe, and she’s proud of her ability to get things done with a smile on her face.

Late last year, though, things started to change. “I didn’t sleep well, my energy level [was] really sluggish.” She had tasks to do but “Not really the motivation or follow-through to get them done,” she recalls. After a couple of weeks of regular use, though, “My lights went on,” she says. “I was just upbeat all the time . . . and I was just getting so much stuff done. . . . My general well-being was just so much brighter.”

We asked Jakki if she worried that the oil comes from hemp. “No,” she said, “because there’s no THC in it.”

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