High-CBD Hemp Oil

Our high-CBD hemp oil product is made using a special strain of European hemp containing less than one percent THC, and a patented process to ensure purity. The oil comes in Peppermint, Vanilla, and Unflavored.

The bottle has its own pump. Once a day, just put two pumps of oil under your tongue and hold it there for half a minute. That’s all it takes.

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High-CBD Hemp Salve

Our High CBD Hemp Salve is created using the same oil, and has the same purity and consistency. Customers report that our salve relieves a range of aches and pains, from work to working out.

We offer the regular three ounce size and an 0.2 oz. trial size if want to just explore how it can work for you.

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CBD Vape

The CBD Vape comes pre-loaded with .50ml filled with 100mg/Gram CBD  Vape. Vape as is, or ad your flavor. Cartomizer is included.

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