Why Buy from Us

Our oil is high CBD—it’s made from leaves and stalks, not seed.
There are a lot of oils out there being marketed as “hemp oil” that are made from hemp seed, which contain little or no CBD.The Hemp Industries Association says hemp seed averages less than 25 parts per million of CBD, whereas oil made from leaves and stalks averages 150,000 ppm of CBD: 6,000 times as much.

Splash hemp oil products are made from hemp leaves and stalks, which have these high CBD levels. During the manufacturing process, we a) Regulate exactly how much CBD is contained in the product, and b) Specify that amount—per dose—in big type, on every label. Our products are more expensive than hemp seed oil. But you actually get something for your money.

Our hemp is specially bred for very low THC.
Splash Living has found a special strain of hemp plant, bred in Europe to minimize the amount of the psychoactive compound THC. There is less than 1 (one) percent THC in our oils and salves: so little, that its effects can’t be felt. We have done everything possible to give you maximum access to CBDs, without worrying about THC
We ensure purity with a patented manufacturing process and redundant testing.
Splash Living high-CBD oil and salve are produced in a facility using the following equipment to screen for contaminants of any kind:

  • High-performance liquid chromatography;
  • High-performance gas chromatography;
  • Advanced distillation tools;
  • Microbial screening equipment.
  • The high-CBD oil and salve you buy from us are as pure as modern manufacturing technologies can make them.